Mr. Seyho Akbas (Founder, 1939-2002) Mr. Osman Akbas & Mr. Ismail Akbas in 1990.

           Our story has been started as an individual company Seyho Akbas Trading Co. which has been established by Seyho Akbas in 1969. This small company had being located on the basement of Akbas’ house and was using simple machines made by wood and process sweet apricot kernels such as cracking, sieving, selection, and etc. Mr. Seyho Akbas was also trading almond, bitter almond, dates and dried apricots by small quantities but always has a vision regarding improve the company on the bases of trust and honesty. He had carried on the company until their three sons completed their education. 




      First Facility of Akbas Company in 1988.



            On the between 1992 and 1993, his sons took over the company from their father and established Akbas Gida San. ve Dis Tic. A.S. as 100% family run company in order to be an exporter with a main target of becoming a leader on dried apricots market. Akbas Gida who always makes the quality as priority principle had used ‘a Brand’ as a name of sub-brand until 2001 then they have created a new and well-known trade mark ‘’Happy Apricots’’. The company have decided to change the local producer mentality and have made magnificant invesments on their factory in order to produce and supply the best products.   

Mr. Ismail Akbas & Mr. Arif Akbas in Local Bazaar on 1988, Malatya



           Akbas Gida San. ve Dis Tic. A.S are still following all technological developments and implement on all production lines for providing the safest products to the final consumers. Now, Akbas Gida is proudly representing the highest standards, services, and satisfactions to our customer/s based on our targets and providing all you need about dried apricots.


        Recent Factory of Akbas Company (2003 -        )

Dried Apricots: more than a business..